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27 10 2021
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Types of cement

Building materials. Cement

A key ingredient in the construction is cement. After solidification of this substance seem to fit the type takes a truly impressive strength and moisture resistance. It is made concrete, it is also used in the production of mortar for plastering and masonry. Moreover, many building materials contain cement — this slate, paving tiles, and even cinder blocks, grout and plaster. Knowledge about this stuff often limited to the above properties. But there are still some factors that you need to know everyone who was going to build.

There are many types of cement and each species has its own individual properties. Strength — this is the most convenient and simple method of classification. This characteristic is sometimes referred to as the brand of cement. It is regulated by building codes and Standards.
In today’s market there are the following brands:200, 300, 400, 500, 600.

The last mark is often much more expensive than their counterparts. This is due to the fact that it is endowed with high strength. Because of this, this type of cement called «Military». Ordinary people do not need to buy this building material, so it is used in the construction of bunkers and mines. Sells building materials to http://alkiv.ua/, prices are the most adequate in the vast Internet resources.

What should be the price?

Cost of this construction material shall, in accordance with the following parameters:

— according to the technical characteristics of the mixture,
— according to applications,
depending on the saturation of the market.

It is difficult to advise cement, if you need to take into account the price and quality. Every buyer should choose the product that suits his financial capabilities and needs.

Major mistakes are made during the purchase of this building material:

Date of manufacture — that’s the most important aspect that you should pay attention to. Because the cement tends to deteriorate as the food. If the cement is released long enough and did not have time to cake, it can be used in construction. Another thing is how good will be the result of construction after application of the material. Because the cement loses its best quality after a certain period of time.

The difference between the cement mortar and cement

Powdered dry substance is cement, and the composition ready for use in construction, which is present in addition to cement and sand with water in various proportions is the solution.


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